All About AAC Block Making Machine

What is an AAC Block?
Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), also popularly known as autoclaved cellular concrete (ACC) is a lightweight, foam concrete building material. AAC products include blocks, wall panels, floor, roof panels and many more.

AAC was ameliorated in the mid-1920s by the Swedish architect Dr Johan Axel Ericksson and Professor Henrick Kreuger at the Royal Institute of Technology. The production of AAC started in 1929 at the city of Yxhult, Sweden. Today, aerated concrete is produced in many counties, particularly in Europe and Asia.

AAC Block and its application

  • AAC block is a thermal insulating concrete based material which is used for internal as well as external construction. AAC can be cut, sawn, drilled and thus, it is simply workable in all aspects.
  • AAC promotes quick and easy installation. It is appropriate for urban areas with high rise building and high temperature variations.
  • AAC is used for the construction of fireplace and kitchen as it is a heat and fire resistant.
  • AAC is an ideal material used in the construction of hospitals and offices situated in noisy areas as it is a sound resistant.

About AAC Block making machine

Apollo Zenith designs and manufactures AAC block making plant to fulfill the demand of concrete industry. The manufacturing of AAC block making machine was assisted with the help of German technology.
A wide range of machines is available as per the customers’ demand. The varied machine comes with number of autoclaves, the autoclave provides heat and pressure to the raw materials to strengthen it.

The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Production Lines consist:

Milling: Milling includes grinding of raw materials such as fly-ash, lime, OPC cement, Gypsum and aluminum powder. It is the basic process which assures the smooth production and production quality.

Demoulding: Demoulding is the critical process in the AAC blocks manufacture.  Once the desired mix is ready, it is lifted by crane or rolled on tracks for demoulding process. Foaming and hardening starts when the slurry is fed into moulds, consisting of gas-forming expansion and perform curing to achieve required strength for cutting process.

Cutting: Cutting process may be categorized as flat-cake and tilt cake based on how the cake is moulded and sent to cutting line. The tilt cake technology is on demand due to its speedy process. The tilt cake technology uses Horizontal cutting machine in the first stage and vertical cutting machine in the second stage. The automated cutting machine provides production efficiency and dimensional accuracy.

Curving: After cutting into desirable size and shapes, the blocks are transferred for curving into autoclaves. Autoclaves are used for steam curing. AAC must be procured and steam cured to achieve enough strength for prolonged usage. Thus, autoclaved curing imparts inherent properties and performance of AAC.

Advantages of using AAC Blocks

  • Easy workability

AAC can be cut, sawn, drilled into desired shapes

  • Environmental friendly

It reduces the solid waste at the time of installation.  Thus, it can be considered as environmental friendly.

  • Easy transportation

It is quite easy to transport ACC blocks as it does not suffer from high transit breakage.

  • Thermal insulation

AAC offers excellent thermal insulation. This reduces recurring cost of energy required for heating and cooling. This allows usage of smaller HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) than required conventionally.

  • Prolonged usage

The air pockets in AAC blocks structure prevents progressive collapse of a building and maintains structural integrity.

Why Apollo Zenith?

Apollo Zenith is the new joint venture of Apollo Inffratech. This venture provides innovative and high quality concrete product solutions to India’s rapid growing building, constructions, road and cities at optimal prices. Zenith is a German based, world market leader for Concrete Block and Paver machine manufacturer, established in 1953. It designs world class produces and delivers Concrete Products plants on the highest quality standards plants which are characterized by innovative German Engineering, highly robust and very competitive. It is serving customer with non-pallet block and paver machine manufacturing machines across the globe, over last six decades.  The world recognized Zenith Quality and safety feature ensures low maintenance and uninterrupted process.