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Future Trends of Block Making Machines

A Concrete Block is one of the most popular construction materials. This has been an integral part of construction project since ancient Roman used it to construct buildings in 200 BC. It continues to be a major construction material in construction of walls and other types of structures. There have been many advancements in concrete block over the years, including automation and future trends suggest that it will be an important construction material in the future.

Automatic Block Making Machine is increasing the efficiency of making the concrete blocks. This article describes various concrete blocks machines and the future trends of block making machine.

Concrete machines

A concrete block machine is used for the construction of concrete blocks. The construction process includes mixing, molding, curing, and cubing. The process includes the mixing of raw material like sand and gravel, placing molds in a kiln followed by the cubing process.
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block is a lightweight concrete block that has a very high heat, sound and sound resistance. Their properties include load-bearing, high insulation, light weight, durable and are produced using an AAC Block Making Machine.

Hollow Blocks Making Machine are vital in manufacturing hollow concrete blocks. These are high density blocks which are uniform in size, hollow at the core, very light weight, air pockets for heat insulation, excellent acoustic insulation, economical, rough texture allowing good bonding, weather resistant and fire resistant.

block making machine

Future Trends

There have been several misconceptions about the use of concrete blocks in the past. However, with the increase in the use of concrete blocks and considering the future trends concerning them they no longer exist. There has been a steady evolution of the concrete blocks and the machines. From the AAC Block Making Machines which are light weight and more heat resistant to the semi-automated machines, these machines continue to evolve and the type of concrete blocks continue to improve.

The future trends of these concrete machine include many innovations:

  • The machines are becoming more sophisticated and higher capacity.
  • There are now fully Automatic AAC Block Making Machine and semi-automatic machines with higher production rates.
  • The production capacity of the fully Automatic Block Making Machine is up to 16 blocks per stroke for 4-inch blocks.
  • The Mobile Multilayer Block Making Machine is also another innovative Block machine that is mobile and cost effective.
  • The future trend is a shift toward decorative concrete.
  • Aerated Autoclaved Concrete block (AAC) is a lightweight masonry has good enough structural capacity and is useful for low-rise bearing walls. The weight of elevated slab constructions is reduced to a great extent.
  • One of the new trends is to add optical fibers to the concrete mix to generate translucent concrete. There are growing applications of this concept of non-opaque concrete.
  • The new age concrete, Reactive powder concrete is extremely durable and has compressive strength as high as 30,000 pounds per square inch (PSI).
  • Another type of concrete gaining in popularity is the insulated concrete form (ICF) walls. This is popular both in the residential and commercial markets due to the obvious advantages of energy saving, high durability, sound insulation and healthier environment. Such material also shows high resistance to fire, wind and tornados.

When it comes to construction there are three main alternatives like brick, stone and concrete blocks. There are many advantages of using concrete blocks, including thermal insulation, light weight, low cost amongst others. There is not likely to be a better alternative to concrete blocks in the future. In fact, the future trends suggest greater advancements and improvements in the production of concrete blocks.

Concrete Block Making Machine – A Sophisticated Concrete Product

Concrete Block Making Machines using the optimum quality material, having compact design and a controlled and standardized material mixing capability has become the mainstream for the constructions. This product has remarkably been a turning point in such domain of building and constructional operations. With their ability to produce standardized, huge amounts of blocks and reducing the time and effort wasted upon over the earlier approaches has silently set this product at the core in construction businesses.

As a casual cement block producer, working from your place, your fixed costs are nominal. Building material supplier shops will be very cheerful to have an affordable and localised supplier.
Concrete Block Making Machine is one of the finest product which has the, both, huge profitability scope for the businesses and a high-end support for the new age building construction models in implementation.

But when the sales grow, you will have to purchase a Block Makin Machine as it will be a tough task to deliver your all orders by making it yourself. With the machine, one can easily attend large orders by turning out hundreds of blocks per day.

There are several different kinds of Block Making Machines available in the market. These machines vary on the basis of their speed, capabilities and designs etc.
There are Completely Automated Multilayer Machine available, which are internationally the leading in economizing conception for the bunch manufacturing of interlocking pavers and alike products of best quality. Also the other kind of, General Concrete Block Making Machines provide extreme hourly mass-production with accompanied unifacial vibration and low maintenance. After the manufacturing machine, there is one elevator standard for ten levels with two pallets at every level, from which the pallets are collected by a robotic finger car which transmits them to the restoring chambers and then back to the lowerator elevator when they get dried, and then from the pallets it goes to a robotic cuber which helps in packing the concrete materials to finish them and make it prepared for the delivery purpose.

There are different alternatives for removing the bundles with materials out of the bar according to the customized needs of the project:

  • Slat conveyor
  • Roller track conveyor
  • Railway wagon
A quite more customized and efficient machineries withModular Vibration Systemised Machine, saves time and power during the production of concrete blocks. There is also a Habile Modular Vibration Systemised Machine which is the most reliable and trustable concrete block making machine. This machine with high result output and well-tested system are also loaded with tele-assistance breakdown feature.

This type of machine model is known for its great productivity in the market. It can create more than 4,500 blocks of a20 cm. Per hour and which includes 18 pieces per pallet- Structure of manageable vibration gesticulate by one 45 kilowatt motor and with the two vibrating tables, which permits a balanced filling of the container as the specification of vibration at each of the table is adjusted separately. This type of system includes one single encoder to manage electronically the frequency and the volume of the vibration with the uttermost precision.

The advanced vibration is exceedingly reliable, tested, quick and efficient technique of vibrator but at the same time, it requires some resources in terms of maintenance and operations.

This line has an electronic robotic cuber along with the double central column and below-mentioned specifications. The rapid speed of the vertical and lateral movements. Autonomous extorting from both the sides, headed by the encoder to apply to each and every product the correct pressure parameters.

Concrete Block Making Machines being a product of innovative technology, has fasten and optimized the process of block making. Besides their support activity of speeding the business process they have emerged as a product which has apparently reduced the time, effort of the primary process itself and alongside improved the concentration of mixture, considerably standardizing the mixtures, and keeping it more reliable for a block to be manufactured.

The Process of Manufacturing Concrete Blocks

Concrete block is a primary building material. Many different raw materials go into a block making machine like a mixture of cement, gravel, water and sand.

Concrete Blocks Manufacturing Process

Concrete block making machines manufacturing concrete blocks using the steps:

  • Mixing:
Sand and gravel are transferred into storage bins by making use of a conveyor belt. Portland cement storage usually involves large vertical silos; this protects it from moisture. Production start with the necessary amount of raw material (sand, gravel & cement) being transferred by gravity or using a mechanical structure into a weigh batcher (this ensures correct measure of each material).

A stationary mixer blends the mixture for several minutes. There are two types of mixers, a planetary mixer and a pan mixer. Once blending is over, water is added to a mixer. However, temperature of the water does matter, hence if extreme weather is a factor, they may be need to make use of a chiller or a heater. This is mixed for 6 to 8 minutes and can also include use of admixture chemicals or coloring pigments.
  • Moulding:
Once this is mixed it is dumped into an inclined concrete block conveyor and transported in an elevated hoper. Mixing cycle begins again after is transferred. There is a regulated flow of concrete into another hopper. Concrete is then forced into molds in block machine which consists of an outer mold box that contains several mold liners.
Outer shape of the block and inner shape of the block cavities is determined by the liners. Compact blocks are placed into a flat steel pallet and then onto a chain conveyor which pass under a rotating brush to remove loose material on it.
  • Curing:
Pallets of blocks are conveyed to an automated stacker and placed on a curing rack. Every rack has capacity to hold hundreds of blocks. Once rack is full a set of rails is formed for moving into a curing kiln. A kiln has capacity to hold several racks and is usually a low-pressure steam kiln. Blocks remain in kiln for up to three hours at room temperature till they harden.
Curing process takes up to 24 hours where steam is gradually introduced to increase the temperature. Once a set temperature is reached the steam is shut off and the blocks are then soak in the heat and moist air. Once done there is the process to dry them by raising the temperature of the kiln.
  • Cubing:
The racks of cured blocks are rolled out of the kiln and pallets of blocks are unstacked to be placed on a chain conveyor. These are later pushed off a steel pallet and the empty pallets are fed back to the block machine to receive a new set of molded blocks.
The blocks can split-face ones; if so, the process is to mold two blocks together and once cured the pass through a splitter to fracture them and form a rough stone like texture on one side. A cuber aligns every block and then stacks them into a cube three blocks across by six blocks deep by three to four blocks high. They are then carried outside with a forklift to place them in storage.

Types of concrete equipment

Concrete equipment includes concrete batching plant which are useful to make concrete, concrete bucket that is also used to make concrete mixture, concrete conveyor usually used to transfer gravel, concrete crusher used to crush big rocks pieces, concrete cutting machine which is an abrasive tool, concrete mixer to mix elements to create concrete, etc.

Concrete Blocks – A Raising Demand

A concrete block is the basic building material for constructions of structures like walls, etc. Concrete blocks tend to have cavities and the sides either are smooth or have a design. Concrete blocks have been around in some form or since the ancient times. Manufacturing process of these blocks has gone through many changes over the years and now there are concrete Block making machines.

What are concrete blocks?

Concrete blocks are made from a mixture of powdered cement, water, sand, and gravel. The method of production includes four basic processes like mixing, molding, curing, and cubing. There are Concrete block machines that manufacture these blocks at a rate of over 2000 blocks an hour.

Statistics and facts

As per transparency market research 2017, global demand for concrete blocks in Asia Pacific was 1,616 billion units, with Europe coming second highest and Latin America next. Demand is rising at a CAGR of 3.5% during the period 2017 to 2027.

  • Concrete Block and Brick Manufacturing demand likely to Reach 2769.24 Billion units by the year 2027.
  • A large percentage of the world’s architectural wonders were built with concrete blocks.
  •  They are fire resistant and also not affected by earthquakes or sound. 
  • Main reason architects & builders prefer this is because of its beauty, durability and versatility.
  •  Concrete blocks are in use since ancient Roman times and are in use even more now. 
  • Cavity walls made with these bricks can reduce the water penetration problem.
  •  They cause least harm to the environment during the manufacturing process.
  •  They require lessor insulation as compared to other building materials. This is because it does not absorb heat.
  •  This type of material is easy to recycle since it does not emit toxic flames when set on fire and do not emit volatile gasses.
  •  Buildings constructed with this material tend to last for thousands of years without major issues.
  • The designers love it due to versatility and design appeal.
  • Concrete blocks account for over 70% of the buildings and also have low insurance costs with a high resale value.
  •  It is popular all over the world.
  •  It is tough, durable and even withstand a tornado and other extreme weather conditions.
concrete block machine Applications of Concrete Blocks

There is an increasing demand for concrete blocks in several the construction industry. These are available in various shapes and sizes; and make it easy to create desirable structures. Here is a list of applications for concrete blocks:
  • Block Walls: They are often useful in making block walls and there are many benefits of doing so. This type of block is useful for both commercial and residential properties.
  • Security Barriers: Concrete blocks are often used as security barriers. The way they do this is by lining them up side by side and keep both people and vehicles out of a certain area. There is an increase in use of this during special events as well. They are also often used for traffic control in many other places.

Thus, there are still a large number of structures being constructed using concrete blocks and the demand is only likely to increase in the future. There are various benefits of using them. They have been in use since more than a century. Concrete bricks are stronger than simple cement and hence it is the most ideal material for a foundation of a site or construction basements and walls. The change in temperature does not affect such material, thus they are suited for any weather. The fact that it costs lesser and is environmentally friendly is an added advantage. This material has proven to stand the test of time as well. The concrete making machinery is also in demand as are the Hollow Blocks Making Machine and concrete paver machines.


How Concrete Block Making Machine Proved Advantageous in Construction

In today’s world concrete blocks are been produced virtually due to its high quality and demand for economical building materials. The block making machine has been tremendously increased in the construction industry due to its various proven advantages in terms of constructive performance, building quality as well as versatility.

There is an increase in demand of the concrete block in construction, so there should be a good option to produce concrete blocks fast as well as efficiently. And hence there is the need for the block making machine. Apart from this, concrete block making machines have their own advantages as compared to general block making machines. The latest block machines are AAC Block Making Machine, automatic block making machine available in different series and model having different properties.

block making machine Following shows the different proven advantages of block making machine in construction –

  • Versatility – Concrete blocks of the block making machine are versatile that meets the high performance of building in the construction
  • Great Performance & Uniformity – Block machines provides a larger concrete block that has fewer joints that is one of the most vulnerable parts. The uniformity of the blocks produced provides accuracy of the material needed.
  • Compressed Strength & Resistance – The compressed strength of the concrete blocks manufactured by the block making machine allows a good strength that can also be used in resistant walls as well. They offer with good fire resistance and in case of fire can also retain their structural characteristics
  • Cost Efficiency – Modern machines developed reduces up to 40% of energy usage. This helps to reduce the per unit cost of blocks that gives efficient and fast production with overall profit
  • Eco – Friendly – Concrete blocks are been made from industrial waste, fly ash, gauge, slag, and other materials. This, in turn, serves the betterment of the environment by recycling with the industrial wastes. Hence it has proved to be eco-friendly as well.
  • AccuracyConcrete block making machine consist of good hydraulic pressure systems & feeding system that helps to reduce the overall time of the production. Hence this machine is highly been preferred due to its speed and accuracy.
  • Customizable – With an advanced control system, the automatic block making machines are been integrated that helps to change the molding of the design of the block according to the need and requirement
  • Thermal & Sound Insulation – The concrete blocks do not allow the outside heat or cold to enter. This means it keeps the house cool in summer and warm in winter

Why choose Apollo Zenith?

Apollo Zenith is the leading supplier and manufacturer of different types of block making machine available in different models & series. We offer the best quality products that exceed the expectation of our customers that also meets the needs and the demands of the customers. For more information about the block making machine and our different products contact us today and get acquainted with the different types of machines been used in the industry.

How to Maintain a Block Making Machine?

Block Making Machine, such as automatic concrete block making machine, are gaining attention in developed as well as developing countries, for it provides fast, reliable and robust outcomes. Rapidly growing parts of Africa and South-East Asia has a high demand for these machines, especially in the construction market. While being very effective, maintaining Block Making Machines is extremely important. These heavy machines often have to work in worst weather conditions, not forgetting sand, gravel and other micro dust these machines are exposed to. Due to these harsh conditions in which these machines have to work under, it becomes essential to provide special care during maintenance to keep the performance of machines optimum.

A variety of Block Making Machines are available in the market and depending on the variety, maintenance process can slightly differ. In this article, we will try to discuss the most common approach as well as a few special conditions that need attention during maintenance service.

While extensive care is needed, a few simple steps cannot only help prolong its life but also maximize the performance of machinery. Following are tips that need to be considered before actually moving to maintenance:

  • Never neglect abnormalities: In case of any abnormalities detected, the machine should be shut down as soon as possible and the reason for the abnormality should be investigated. A small fault can ultimately lead to break down of the whole system, so the fault should be attended in time.
  • Having trained professionals: An unskilled person performing maintenance and servicing is much worrying than not maintaining the machines at all. A fault neglect or not attended properly can result in a bigger fault in future, hence it should be made sure that every repair and servicing is done by skilled professional only.

Now that we know how to approach maintenance, let’s move to some essential steps which will help maximize the performance and also prolong the life of the machines.

Scheduled Performance Check:

It is important to have a regular performance check for every unit of machinery in block making machine.  During the checkups, it should be made sure that control systems, switches and various other components are functioning properly. In case of detection of any fault, removing the fault must be prioritized.

Before Starting the Machine:

A short performance check is necessary, before starting the block making machine, to make sure everything is working well. Things like lubrication, performance abnormalities, faulty parts, tightening and few other inspections can be performed before putting the machine into work. This will avoid break down of the whole system and abrupt the work in the middle.

Regular Cleaning/Lubrication of Parts:

Block making machines are often exposed to micro dust that can affect movements of various mechanical parts or even clogging the lubrication flow. Microdust and improper lubrication are most common the reasons for the underperformance of the system, in the worst condition, it can even lead to faulty parts and complete system shutdown. A regular cleaning and lubrication of machine can avoid much of the troubles and ultimately prolong the machine’s life.

Maintenance in Winter/Low Temperature:

Considering any heavy machinery, production is not the same in winter and summer, the atmospheric condition makes a huge difference and hence various changes in production are important to be considered. Often in production, water is used in materials and low temperature may cause materials to freeze. To avoid this, usage of antifreeze should be motivated and applying insulation to raw products is also suggested. Lubricants can also be affected in low temperature hence of antifreeze in lubricants is also suggested. Before placing machines to sleep, it is advised to drain all the hydraulic fluids to avoid freezing.


Mobile Multilayer Block Making Machine by Apollo Zenith

The trending technology demands block making machines with mobility which can underpin producers by providing versatile, rapid, accurate production with reduced cost.
One such revolutionary machine is Mobile Multilayer Block Making Machine. This is a cost-effective machine which promotes easy mobility and creates a wide range of solid bricks, paving stone, grass stone, curbstone, decorative block, hollow block, insulation block, concrete cable tray, manhole, pre-fabricated elements, and manymore.
It saves huge investment on the production boards as it cut the huge cost of transitional transferring of the blocks. Its production capacity is also noteworthy.
The article mainly focuses on different mechanisms used in Mobile Multilayer Block Making Machine for easy and controlled operation.

Block Making Machine

Batching and Mixing Control System

  • The batching and the mixing are centrally controlled. Electronic control system adopts Germany Siemens programmable controller PLC and Siemens touch panel control with easy operation and no failure.
  • The raw materials for block making could be sand, rock powder, stone slag, cinder, tail slag, coal gangue, coal and fly ash and construction solid waste. The consumer often chooses batcher according to local raw materials types from two bins to six bins.
  • The different materials are sealed and weighed automatically as per certain ratio which guarantees block quality and reduces cost.
  • Then, the mixture and screened fine sand will be conveyed respectively into the mixer for mixing trough belts by adding quantitative cement, water and chemical additives.
  • After uniform mixing, face materials and aggregates will be respectively delivered into the hopper of a block making machine for storage by the material carrier.

Hydraulic Power

Block Making Machine Manufacturer
  • Hydraulic power consists of two sets of a radial piston pump with max flow and max pressure adopting proportion control technology.
  • The speed and pressure of hydraulic operation are easily adjusted and can be precisely controlled by proportional valves.

Feeding System

  • The feeding system consists of a hopper, guide rail, feed drawer, and lifting device. Its height is driven by hydraulic and the movements of feed drawer could be freely adjusted according to different moulds.
  • The hydraulic-driven mould scraper guarantees the cleanliness of product surface and supports in even distribution of concrete.
  • The adjustable cleaning brush is attached on feed drawer which is used for cleaning the tamper head. The hopper is hydraulic driven and its gate opening width and the opening time is adjustable.

 Vibration System

  • The vibration table is designed in order to have four different production levels.
  • There is a replaceable wear proof plate for protection of upper parts of vibration table. There are two vibrators attached to tamper head to achieve maximum vibration.
  • The vibrator is installed with DC braking device, the vibration force and duration are adjustable. The Dc braking device diminishes the scope of mechanical wear and tear.
  • The upper part of vibration table is two-parted in order to achieve an even power transmission and an optimum compaction of the products.

Multilayer Production System

  • The multilayer production offers great advantages. The wet production cubes can directly send to curing area for curing and packing which save many intermediate transports procedures.

Sand Scattering Device

  • Every single production layer is well-protected and separated by a layer of dry sand or plastic foil.

Four-way forklift clamp

  • It has two independent hydraulic systems to carry products cube by forklift.  The products are packed with plastic foil and send to storage yard for water curing

Menu navigation and Recipe management

  • The Menu navigation and Recipe management supports to set up and down limit of all the parameters of production process, such as time, counter, working path, hydraulic speed and pressure.
  • This optimizes production and prevent production error and operation mistake.
  • It helps to record operation data such as production time, operation time, maintenance and malfunction time as well as troubleshooting function by telecommunication

Quick Mould Change Process

  • The main machine moves in the direction of mould and corrects the steering by putting lubrication oil on the four positioning pins.
  • The guide beams rise to certain height after buckling the bottom of mould, then tamper head descend and lock with the upper mould via hydraulic. Thus, it is convenient for quick mould changing process.


The fully automatic mobile multilayer machine can produce a wide range of blocks and pavers which is apt for a great extent of application.
It has unique advantages, high efficient production and low maintenance. The machine is widely applauded due to its optimum quality control, easy control system, and security protection.

Why Choose Us?

Apollo Zenith is the joint venture of Apollo Inffratech and QGM Zenith. The alliance offers an integrated solution of Block and Paver by providing varied block making machine, paver making machine with high range capacity.
The joint venture came into existence to provide high quality and cost-effective concrete products solutions to the clients across the globe.

Block Making Machine: Diverse Range, Features & Applications

Block making machine is used to produce different kinds of blocks. They are used widely in infrastructural developments projects, hence demanded worldwide.
Earlier, the concrete blocks were utilized as a building material in construction of walls, but now with the advancements in technology, the blocks are used for versatile purposes such as:

  1. Concrete blocks are used as security barriers at special events, building, job sites, etc.
  2. They are applied to construct roads and pavements.
  3. They are used to control traffic through roadway construction zones.
  4. They are applied in construction of material bins to store salt, sand, and various other products.
  5. The heavy purpose-sized concrete blocks used to tie down tents, as they are heavy enough to keep the tents in place.

To cater diverse application of concrete blocks, the block making machines were evolved continuously. As a consequence, there are now available in various types.

Block Making Machine: Varied Series with their Features, Manufactured by Apollo Zenith
ZN400 Automatic Block Making Machine

  1. The machine is manufactured using German Technology.
  2. It is perfect for producing Hollow Concrete Blocks, Paver, Glass Bricks, etc.
  3. The production capacity of this machine is good. It is used in Building, Road paving, Gardens, etc.
  4. It is a cost-effective machine and hence, the ideal choice for start-ups.

ZN600 Automatic Block Making Machine

  1. The machine is versatile, equipped with great features.
  2. It is operated with Frequency Conversional Control Technology, which prevents overheating due to long term operation. It also saves power by 30%.
  3. It promotes stable and reliable performance as it is controlled by PLC Control System.
  4. It is used to make Solid Blocks, Color Paver Blocks, Interlocking Paver, Landscaping products, etc.

ZN900 Automatic Block Making Machine

  1. The marvelous machine is designed by German Engineers.
  2. It has the most advanced vibration technology which guarantees the high quality of concrete products.
  3. It has fully automatic control which helps in easy operation and ensures high reliability.
  4. It is equipped with highly efficient hydraulic system which can adjust oil speed and pressure.

ZN1000 Automatic Block Making Machine

  1. The German designed machine is known for its high production capacity.
  2. It is equipped with Frequency Conversion Vibration system with double vibration motors.
  3. It is outfitted with branded PLC control system, Touch screen and other electrical components for high quality production of blocks.
  4. It operates with compulsory feeding which reduces the feeding time. The feeding frame, bottom plate & mixing blades are made of excellent quality steel to prevent material breakage.

Besides this, there are few other automatic block making machines manufactured by Apollo Zenith. They are:

  1. Fully Automatic Mobile Single layer Block/Brick Machine
  2. Fully Automatic Mobile Multilayer Block/Paver Machine
  3. Fully Automatic Stationary Multilayer Machine
  4. Fully Automatic Stationary Single Pallet Machine

Why Apollo Zenith?

Apollo Zenith is a new the joint venture of Apollo Inffratech (India) and Zenith (Germany). The company is spread across over 42000 sq. mt area located in city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The organization came into existence to provide state of art integrated solution for manufacturing Blocks and Pavers made from innovative German Engineering which is considered as highly robust and reliable.

We strive to get maximize customer satisfaction by providing block making machine at competitive rates to our well-regarded clients across the globe.

All About AAC Block Making Machine

What is an AAC Block?
Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), also popularly known as autoclaved cellular concrete (ACC) is a lightweight, foam concrete building material. AAC products include blocks, wall panels, floor, roof panels and many more.

AAC was ameliorated in the mid-1920s by the Swedish architect Dr Johan Axel Ericksson and Professor Henrick Kreuger at the Royal Institute of Technology. The production of AAC started in 1929 at the city of Yxhult, Sweden. Today, aerated concrete is produced in many counties, particularly in Europe and Asia.

AAC Block and its application

  • AAC block is a thermal insulating concrete based material which is used for internal as well as external construction. AAC can be cut, sawn, drilled and thus, it is simply workable in all aspects.
  • AAC promotes quick and easy installation. It is appropriate for urban areas with high rise building and high temperature variations.
  • AAC is used for the construction of fireplace and kitchen as it is a heat and fire resistant.
  • AAC is an ideal material used in the construction of hospitals and offices situated in noisy areas as it is a sound resistant.

About AAC Block making machine

QGM designs and manufactures AAC block making plant to fulfill the demand of concrete industry. The manufacturing of AAC block making machine was assisted with the help of German technology.
A wide range of machines is available as per the customers’ demand. The varied machine comes with number of autoclaves, the autoclave provides heat and pressure to the raw materials to strengthen it.

The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Production Lines consist:

Milling: Milling includes grinding of raw materials such as fly-ash, lime, OPC cement, Gypsum and aluminum powder. It is the basic process which assures the smooth production and production quality.

Demoulding: Demoulding is the critical process in the AAC blocks manufacture.  Once the desired mix is ready, it is lifted by crane or rolled on tracks for demoulding process. Foaming and hardening starts when the slurry is fed into moulds, consisting of gas-forming expansion and perform curing to achieve required strength for cutting process.

Cutting: Cutting process may be categorized as flat-cake and tilt cake based on how the cake is moulded and sent to cutting line. The tilt cake technology is on demand due to its speedy process. The tilt cake technology uses Horizontal cutting machine in the first stage and vertical cutting machine in the second stage. The automated cutting machine provides production efficiency and dimensional accuracy.

Curving: After cutting into desirable size and shapes, the blocks are transferred for curving into autoclaves. Autoclaves are used for steam curing. AAC must be procured and steam cured to achieve enough strength for prolonged usage. Thus, autoclaved curing imparts inherent properties and performance of AAC.

Advantages of using AAC Blocks

  • Easy workability

AAC can be cut, sawn, drilled into desired shapes

  • Environmental friendly

It reduces the solid waste at the time of installation.  Thus, it can be considered as environmental friendly.

  • Easy transportation

It is quite easy to transport ACC blocks as it does not suffer from high transit breakage.

  • Thermal insulation

AAC offers excellent thermal insulation. This reduces recurring cost of energy required for heating and cooling. This allows usage of smaller HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) than required conventionally.

  • Prolonged usage

The air pockets in AAC blocks structure prevents progressive collapse of a building and maintains structural integrity.

Why Apollo Zenith?

Apollo Zenith is the new joint venture of Apollo Inffratech with Apollo QGM Zenith. This venture provides innovative and high quality concrete product solutions to India’s rapid growing building, constructions, road and cities at optimal prices. Zenith is a German based, world market leader for Concrete Block and Paver machine manufacturer, established in 1953. It designs world class produces and delivers Concrete Products plants on the highest quality standards plants which are characterized by innovative German Engineering, highly robust and very competitive. It is serving customer with non-pallet block and paver machine manufacturing machines across the globe, over last six decades.  The world recognized Zenith Quality and safety feature ensures low maintenance and uninterrupted process.

Types of Block Making Machine Manufactured by Apollo Zenith

About Apollo Zenith
Apollo Zenith is the new joint venture of Apollo Inffratech with Apollo QGM Zenith. It is spread across more than 42000 sq. mtarea and located near the city of Ahmedabad. This venture provides innovative and high quality concrete product solutions to India’s rapid growing building, constructions, road and cities at optimal prices.

Zenith is a German based, world market leader for Concrete Block and Paver machine manufacturer established in 1953. It designs world class produces and delivers Concrete Products plants on the highest quality standards plants which are characterized by innovative German Engineering, highly robust and very competitive.

Over last six decades, Zenith has been focusing on the research and development of non-pallet block producing technology, the perseverance paved them off as today Zenith has become the worldwide leader in non-pallet block and paver machine manufacturing industries.

Zenith is serving customer with non-pallet block and paver machine manufacturing machines across the globe, over last six decades.  The world recognized Zenith Quality and safety feature ensures low maintenance and uninterrupted process.

In July 2014, Zenith Maschinenfabrik GmbH was acquired by Quan Gong Machinery called QGM and become a member of QGM Group. This allows it to offer wide range of products to India’s block and paver producer market from Simple Automatic Production Line to Fully Automatic Production line.

Some of the classic creations by Apollo Zenith:

Machine manufactured By Apollo QGM Zenith in India

Block Making Machine Manufacturer

The types of Automatic Block Making Machine and its features are described here:

QT 4 Automatic Block Making Machine

  • The machine is quite adaptable.As only by amending its moulds, it can produce wide range of Blocks, Pavers, Kerbstone, Flyash bricks, Grass Bricks, etc with different size and textures.
  • It has auto-locking function which can avoid mechanical accidents caused by operational mistakes.
  • It has integrated structure of vibrating and moulding platforms which improves vibrating efficiency.
  • It is cost effective and ideal selection for startups.
  • It is energy saver as consumes less energy for production and less manpower required.

QT 6 Automatic Block Making Machine

  • The machine is versatile. It can produce wide range of Blocks, Pavers, Kerbstone, Flyash bricks, Grass Bricks, etc with different size and textures.
  • It has PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control system which ensures efficiency of the production with no or minimal defects.     
  • It is made of super strong steel and special welding technology and there is an airbag cylinder in it. Thus, it is a strong vibration resistant.
  • It is made by advanced technology. The operation process is simple and speedy. Thus, it is user friendly and cost effective.

Machine Germany design manufactured by QGM
The types of Automatic Block Making Machine and its features are described here:

Block Making Machine

T10 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

  • The T series models are designed by Germany Engineers at R&D Centre in Emden.
  • It uses Germany Siemens PLC control system for the stability and reliability of the machine and Siemens Touch screen for easy operation.
  • High-efficient Hydraulic System adjust the oil speed and pressure, which leads to high stability and energy saving.
  • Frequency conversional technology helps to adjust the frequency convertor, protect the product from transfiguration and maintains the motor for prolonged time.

T15 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

  • This resourceful machine comprises of some systems such as a vibration system, Fully-automatic control system, electronic system and hydraulic system. It is capable of producing diversified blocks.
  • The vibration system improves vibration efficiency, ensures the high quality of concrete products.
  • The fully-automatic control ensures easy operation and low risk of failure.

Champions Made In Germany- Zenith
The types of Automatic Block Making Machine and its features are described here:

Zenith 844

  • Zenith delivers State-of-the-art Concrete Product plants, plants are characterized by innovative German Engineering.
  • Zenith 844 is anautomatic, stationary and multilayer concrete block making machine.
  • The production sequence can be fully automated; as a result final cubes are obtained which is ready for transport.

Zenith 913

  • It is the ideal machine for mass production with less energy and less manpower.
  • It performance is excellent in open areas.
  • It is adaptable, easy to handle and proven design that results into efficient operation.

 Zenith 940

  • This flexible machine offers the widest production of all concrete block.
  • It is used to produce non standard products or niche products.
  • Multilayer production ispossible due to segmental units such as pavers and insulating blocks.
  • The product prepared by multilayer production needs to be cured and packaged. Thus, it saves time which is utilized for internal transportation.

 Zenith 1500

  • The newly designed Zenith 1500 ensures a low-maintenance and hassle free production process.
  • An automatic and quick change of moulds and tamper head cleaning devices helps to complete the delivery procedure.

AAC Blocks Making Machine – China

  • QGM manufactures AAC block making machine fulfills the needs of concrete industry. With the help of German technology, manufacture of lightweight ACC blocks’ is possible.
  • AAC block is highly thermally insulating concrete, well suited for urban areas with high rise building.
  • AAC can be cut, sawn, drilled and thus, it is simply workable in all aspects. It is environmental friendly.

SAUDI ARABIA – 1 no. T-10 Block Making machine will be soon installed

The client company is located in Riyadh – Saudi Arabia – and deals with various corporate projects across the Country as well as with the Local Government. The company has purchased 2 nos. Heavy Duty T-10 block making machines featured with top-ranking German Frequency Converter Technology, Dynamic and Static Vibration Systems, Highly Efficient Hydraulic Systems and High Quality Production necessary to meet and exceed the minimum requirements for producing blocks aimed at erecting a new industrial park. Before finalizing the deal, the customer visited the T-10 Semi-Automatic Production Line supplied by QGM in Jizan, the seaport city in Saudi Arabia.

Successful completion and commissioning of 1 no. model 940 ZENITH pallet-free Block making machine in ANHUI PROVINCE (China) took place last May 2015. ZENITH is the leading German manufacturing facility recently acquired by QGM.

Installation and commissioning of 1 no. model 940 ZENITH Fully Automatic Multilayer Block Making Machine, has been successfully completed in Anhui Province on May 7th this year. The model 940 pallet free ZENITH machine can produce almost all kinds of hollow blocks, pavers, Kerbstones with high production capacity. The model 940 unit can precast a wide range of non standard products economically and guaranteeing the best quality and mechanical performance. The customer is in use of further 2 nos. QGM T-15 block making machines.

Completion of a T-15 Fully Automatic Production Line – the first in BAHRAIN

Saudi Arabia QGM Representative Office has recently announced with great pleasure that the first T-15 Fully Automatic Production Line in Bahrain has been successfully completed ahead of the scheduled time supported by the customer’s cooperation. The customer is based in Manama (Bahrain’s Capital) and is involved in Government Projects since the last 20 years. Due to the strict requirements in terms of quality and mechanical strength the blocks are to undergo, the customer preferred the T-series block making machine designed by the German Engineers in ZENITH, following the fruitful visit paid to the QGM running plant in Shandong. The choice fell on the T-15 model since the T-series machines are well known for their high production capacity and dependable performance.