Block Making Machine: Diverse Range, Features & Applications

Block making machine is used to produce different kinds of blocks. They are used widely in infrastructural developments projects, hence demanded worldwide.
Earlier, the concrete blocks were utilized as a building material in construction of walls, but now with the advancements in technology, the blocks are used for versatile purposes such as:

  1. Concrete blocks are used as security barriers at special events, building, job sites, etc.
  2. They are applied to construct roads and pavements.
  3. They are used to control traffic through roadway construction zones.
  4. They are applied in construction of material bins to store salt, sand, and various other products.
  5. The heavy purpose-sized concrete blocks used to tie down tents, as they are heavy enough to keep the tents in place.

To cater diverse application of concrete blocks, the block making machines were evolved continuously. As a consequence, there are now available in various types.

Block Making Machine: Varied Series with their Features, Manufactured by Apollo Zenith
ZN400 Automatic Block Making Machine

  1. The machine is manufactured using German Technology.
  2. It is perfect for producing Hollow Concrete Blocks, Paver, Glass Bricks, etc.
  3. The production capacity of this machine is good. It is used in Building, Road paving, Gardens, etc.
  4. It is a cost-effective machine and hence, the ideal choice for start-ups.

ZN600 Automatic Block Making Machine

  1. The machine is versatile, equipped with great features.
  2. It is operated with Frequency Conversional Control Technology, which prevents overheating due to long term operation. It also saves power by 30%.
  3. It promotes stable and reliable performance as it is controlled by PLC Control System.
  4. It is used to make Solid Blocks, Color Paver Blocks, Interlocking Paver, Landscaping products, etc.

ZN900 Automatic Block Making Machine

  1. The marvelous machine is designed by German Engineers.
  2. It has the most advanced vibration technology which guarantees the high quality of concrete products.
  3. It has fully automatic control which helps in easy operation and ensures high reliability.
  4. It is equipped with highly efficient hydraulic system which can adjust oil speed and pressure.

ZN1000 Automatic Block Making Machine

  1. The German designed machine is known for its high production capacity.
  2. It is equipped with Frequency Conversion Vibration system with double vibration motors.
  3. It is outfitted with branded PLC control system, Touch screen and other electrical components for high quality production of blocks.
  4. It operates with compulsory feeding which reduces the feeding time. The feeding frame, bottom plate & mixing blades are made of excellent quality steel to prevent material breakage.

Besides this, there are few other automatic block making machines manufactured by Apollo Zenith. They are:

  1. Fully Automatic Mobile Single layer Block/Brick Machine
  2. Fully Automatic Mobile Multilayer Block/Paver Machine
  3. Fully Automatic Stationary Multilayer Machine
  4. Fully Automatic Stationary Single Pallet Machine

Why Apollo Zenith?

Apollo Zenith is a new the joint venture of Apollo Inffratech (India) and Zenith (Germany). The company is spread across over 42000 sq. mt area located in city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The organization came into existence to provide state of art integrated solution for manufacturing Blocks and Pavers made from innovative German Engineering which is considered as highly robust and reliable.

We strive to get maximize customer satisfaction by providing block making machine at competitive rates to our well-regarded clients across the globe.