ZN900 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

The T series model are designed by Germany Engineers at R&D Centre in Emden, Germany and are well known for its High Production capacity and stable performance.

Concrete Blocks Machine
  • T-10 Automatic Block making machine is equipped with a Frequency Conversion Vibration System.
  • The system includes Siemens motors for Top and Bottom vibration generation. It is equipped with Siemens frequency converter.
  • For reliable performance the product is outfitted with Siemens S7 PLC, as well as Touch Screen and electrical components of Siemens & Turck.
  • Moreover the Hydraulic system of this machine is composed of integrated modular units from Germany & Italy. Rexroth pump, as well as ABB or Siemens motors.



Main Features :

(1) High-effective Vibration

Adopt the most-advanced vibration technology from Germany. The vibration table consists of dynamic table & static table, which greatly improves the vibration efficiency and guarantees the high quality of concrete products.

(2) High-efficient Hydraulic System

The Hydraulic pump & valve are from international brand. Adopt high-dynamic proportional valve and constant output pump to adjust the oil speed & pressure, with the features of high-stability, high-efficiency and energy-saving.

(3) Frequency conversional control & Energy-saving

Frequency conversional technology was re-innovated and improved by German R&D center. It can save 20%-40% power by adjusting the frequency converter, compared to traditional motor; at the same time, it can greatly improve the quality of concrete and prolong the motor lifetime.

(4) Fully-automatic Control

Perfectly combine the automation technology and system from Germany. The automatic control is of easy operation, low failure ratio and high reliability.

(5) Compulsory Feeding

Uses two SEW feeding motors, which control two mixing shafts. The feeding frame, bottom plate & mixing blades are made of high-duty HARDOX steel, which strengthens the sealing performance and prevent the material leakage. The discharging gate is controlled by SEW motor.

(6) Remote Control (Optional)

Use the most-advanced industrial internet technology, with the advantages of remote control & operation, automatic trouble-shooting & maintenance.

Tech Spec

Height of Finished Products 50-300 mm Bottom Vibration 2 x 7.5 kw
Cycle Time 15-25 s (as per mould) Top Vibration 2 x 0.65 kw
Hopper Volume 900L for Base Concrete
750L for Face Concrete
Electrical Control Siemens
Pallet Size 1200 x 870 x 45 mm
1400 x 870 x 12 mm
Overall Dimension (L x W x H) 5200 x 2300 x 2960mm>
Forming Area 1100 x 820mm Total Weight 9.0 T (without Facemix)
12.0 T (with Facemix)
Product Size Production/Mould Production cap / 8hr
Hollow Block 400 x 200 x 200 mm 10 12,000 – 15,000
Rectangular Paver
(with face mix)
200 x 100 x 60 mm 35 42,000 – 52,500
Zig-zag Paver 225 x 112.5 x 60 mm 24 28,800 – 36,000

Raw Materials : Crushed Stone, Sand, Cement, Stone dust, Fly-ash.

Finished Products : Concrete Hollow Blocks, Solid Blocks, Colour Paver blocks, Interlocking paver, Kerbstones, Grass blocks, Garden & Landscaping products etc.

Applications : Widely used in Buildings, Industrial shed, Road paving, Port, Bridge approach, Gardens, Landscaping, etc.

Note: The capacity data are theoretical and are dependent on machine settings, mix design, aggregates used and other environmental conditions. All the production parameters are subject to change without prior notice




Auxilary Equipments

2 Control System
3 Stacker
4Finger Car
5 Lowerator

Finished Product