Types of Block Making Machine Manufactured by Apollo Zenith

About Apollo Zenith
Apollo Zenith is the new joint venture of Apollo Inffratech with Apollo QGM Zenith. It is spread across more than 42000 sq. mtarea and located near the city of Ahmedabad. This venture provides innovative and high quality concrete product solutions to India’s rapid growing building, constructions, road and cities at optimal prices.

Zenith is a German based, world market leader for Concrete Block and Paver machine manufacturer established in 1953. It designs world class produces and delivers Concrete Products plants on the highest quality standards plants which are characterized by innovative German Engineering, highly robust and very competitive.

Over last six decades, Zenith has been focusing on the research and development of non-pallet block producing technology, the perseverance paved them off as today Zenith has become the worldwide leader in non-pallet block and paver machine manufacturing industries.

Zenith is serving customer with non-pallet block and paver machine manufacturing machines across the globe, over last six decades.  The world recognized Zenith Quality and safety feature ensures low maintenance and uninterrupted process.

In July 2014, Zenith Maschinenfabrik GmbH was acquired by Quan Gong Machinery called QGM and become a member of QGM Group. This allows it to offer wide range of products to India’s block and paver producer market from Simple Automatic Production Line to Fully Automatic Production line.

Some of the classic creations by Apollo Zenith:

Machine manufactured By Apollo QGM Zenith in India

Block Making Machine Manufacturer

The types of Automatic Block Making Machine and its features are described here:

QT 4 Automatic Block Making Machine

  • The machine is quite adaptable.As only by amending its moulds, it can produce wide range of Blocks, Pavers, Kerbstone, Flyash bricks, Grass Bricks, etc with different size and textures.
  • It has auto-locking function which can avoid mechanical accidents caused by operational mistakes.
  • It has integrated structure of vibrating and moulding platforms which improves vibrating efficiency.
  • It is cost effective and ideal selection for startups.
  • It is energy saver as consumes less energy for production and less manpower required.

QT 6 Automatic Block Making Machine

  • The machine is versatile. It can produce wide range of Blocks, Pavers, Kerbstone, Flyash bricks, Grass Bricks, etc with different size and textures.
  • It has PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control system which ensures efficiency of the production with no or minimal defects.     
  • It is made of super strong steel and special welding technology and there is an airbag cylinder in it. Thus, it is a strong vibration resistant.
  • It is made by advanced technology. The operation process is simple and speedy. Thus, it is user friendly and cost effective.

Machine Germany design manufactured by QGM
The types of Automatic Block Making Machine and its features are described here:

Block Making Machine

T10 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

  • The T series models are designed by Germany Engineers at R&D Centre in Emden.
  • It uses Germany Siemens PLC control system for the stability and reliability of the machine and Siemens Touch screen for easy operation.
  • High-efficient Hydraulic System adjust the oil speed and pressure, which leads to high stability and energy saving.
  • Frequency conversional technology helps to adjust the frequency convertor, protect the product from transfiguration and maintains the motor for prolonged time.

T15 Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

  • This resourceful machine comprises of some systems such as a vibration system, Fully-automatic control system, electronic system and hydraulic system. It is capable of producing diversified blocks.
  • The vibration system improves vibration efficiency, ensures the high quality of concrete products.
  • The fully-automatic control ensures easy operation and low risk of failure.

Champions Made In Germany- Zenith
The types of Automatic Block Making Machine and its features are described here:

Zenith 844

  • Zenith delivers State-of-the-art Concrete Product plants, plants are characterized by innovative German Engineering.
  • Zenith 844 is anautomatic, stationary and multilayer concrete block making machine.
  • The production sequence can be fully automated; as a result final cubes are obtained which is ready for transport.

Zenith 913

  • It is the ideal machine for mass production with less energy and less manpower.
  • It performance is excellent in open areas.
  • It is adaptable, easy to handle and proven design that results into efficient operation.

 Zenith 940

  • This flexible machine offers the widest production of all concrete block.
  • It is used to produce non standard products or niche products.
  • Multilayer production ispossible due to segmental units such as pavers and insulating blocks.
  • The product prepared by multilayer production needs to be cured and packaged. Thus, it saves time which is utilized for internal transportation.

 Zenith 1500

  • The newly designed Zenith 1500 ensures a low-maintenance and hassle free production process.
  • An automatic and quick change of moulds and tamper head cleaning devices helps to complete the delivery procedure.

AAC Blocks Making Machine – China

  • QGM manufactures AAC block making machine fulfills the needs of concrete industry. With the help of German technology, manufacture of lightweight ACC blocks’ is possible.
  • AAC block is highly thermally insulating concrete, well suited for urban areas with high rise building.
  • AAC can be cut, sawn, drilled and thus, it is simply workable in all aspects. It is environmental friendly.

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