Fully Automatic Stationary Multilayer Machine

ZENITH designs, produces and delivers state-of-the-art Concrete Products Plants on highest quality standards. Plants are characterized by innovative German
Engineering, high robustness and high cost effectiveness. The well-known ZENITH quality and safety features stand for low maintenance and uninterrupted
productions process.

Zenith 844 Fully Automatic Stationary Multilayer Machine by Apollo Zenith
  • Worldwide the best in economical concept for the mass production of interlocking pavers and similar products of top quality.
  • Model 844 is a Fully Automatic Stationary Multilayer machine.
  • Performance at high level with simple handling and very low maintenance. The innovative Touch-Operator-Panel, using a revolutionary visualized menu navigation, allows easy and self-explanatory operation of all machine functions.
  • The flexibility of the machine is provided by the height adjustable vibrating table. It allows manufacture of products with a height from 50 mm to
    500 mm.
  • With model 844 pavers are produced as easy as curbstones or landscaping products. Using modular components, the production sequence can be fully automated to final cubes – ready for transport.
  • The ZENITH team will provide full assistance during an early stage to ensure your success, based on fifty years of experience. ZENITH – partner to the best.

Tech Spec

Base Concrete hopper volume 2100 ltr   Max Block height 500mm
Pallet size 1270 x 1050 x 125mm Min Block height 50mm
Production Area 1240 x 1000mm Min. Production height 50mm
Dimension (L x W x H) 6200 x 2470 x 3000 mm Machine weight (with face unit) 14000kg
Product Size PCS/Mould Cycle Time (cycle/min) Production Capacity (per hour)
Rectangular Paver (with facemix) 200 x 100 x 60mm 54 1.9 123m2
Rectangular Paver (without facemix) 200 x 100 x 60mm 54 2 138m2
Zig-zag Paver (with facemix) 225 x 112.5 x 80mm 40 1.9 117m2
Kerb Stone 150 x 1000 x 300mm 4 1.2 288 pcs

Note: The capacity data are theoretical and are dependent on machine settings, mix design, aggregates used and other environmental conditions. All the production parameters are subject to change without prior notice.





Finished Product