Paving Machinery at Apollo Zenith

Block paving, also known as brick paving, is a mainstream decorative method of creating a pavement. The brick allows an easy remedial work to happen as the individual bricks can be lifted and replaced in case of any defect. The main application is for the construction of pavement, driveways, town centers, and most commonly in road surfacing. Pavers are manufactured in myriad styles, shapes, and tones according to the requirement. They are available in the hole, x-shape, y-shape, pentagon, polygon, and many more shapes.

For the construction of paver blocks, there is no requirement of the slump. The quality of blocks produced depend upon various parameters, such as- capacity of compaction and vibration of machine, grade of cement used, water content, quality of aggregates used, their gradation and mix design adopted, additives used, handling equipment employed, curing method adopted, level of supervision, workmanship and quality control achieved, etc.

  • Summary: Block paving is used for creating pavement, driveways, road surfacing, etc. They come in various shapes, such as- hole, x-shape, y-shape, pentagon, polygon, etc. The quality of the blocks formed depend on the capacity of compaction, grade of cement used, water content, quality of aggregates used, etc.

Concrete Paver Machines at Apollo Zenith
All the concrete paver machines at Apollo Zenith are manufactured in-house, ensuring the high quality of the machinery. The machines available are:

  • Fully Automatic Single layer Mobile Block Making Machine/Brick Machine: These paver block machines are designed and produced at our state of the art manufacturing facilities. These machines are highly efficient and cost-effective, requiring low maintenance for uninterrupted production processes. It is the ideal equipment for mass production of high-quality concrete blocks requiring less labor and energy. The machine is capable of being used continuously for a decade performing as efficiently as it is doing now. It can incorporate different molds for different shape of the block and these molds are interchangeable.                                
  • Fully Automatic Mobile Multilayer Block/Paver Machine: The fully automatic mobile multilayer paver machine offers a wide scope of production making us one of the leading paver machine manufacturers. The maximum production height which the machine allows is up to 1000mm. The products manufactured have high-quality aspects and thus ensures an economical production. The machine allows the production of pavers with face mix or hollow blocks as well as insulating blocks in a multilayer setup.
concrete paver machine manufacturer
  • Fully Automatic Stationary Multilayer Machine: This paver making machine provides the best economical concept for mass production of interlocking pavers. The fully automatic stationary multilayer machine is a high-performance machine with very simple handling and requires low maintenance. It consists of an innovative touch operator panel using a revolutionary visualized menu navigation. This thus allows easy and self-explanatory operation of all the functions performed by the machine. The paver machine is also provided with a vibrating table with its height capable of being adjusted and it thus allows manufacturing products having their height between 50 mm to 500 mm.
  • Hollow Block/Paver Making Machine: The hollow paver making machine is the newly designed high-performance machine which highlights our state of the art machinery. The wide range of production possibilities, that the machine offers, is capable of meeting most of the customer’s requirements. This paver machine comes with an improved feeding technology, unique vibration technology, and a variable board size for flexible investment possibilities. The vibration table and side walls are provided with bolted fittings for better exchange in less time and hence better maintenance.
  • Summary: There are 4 types of concrete paver machine, namely- Fully automatic single layer Mobile Block Making Machine, Fully automatic mobile multilayer paver machine, Fully automatic stationary multilayer machine, and hollow paver making machine. These machines are manufactured in advanced facilities ensuring high productivity in different applications where they are employed.



At Apollo Zenith, we design, produce and deliver different types of paver machines to fulfill different requirements. These machines are manufactured in state of the art manufacturing facilities that ensures high productivity and less maintenance. Our Plants are characterized by a touch of innovative German Engineering which imparts high robustness and cost-effectiveness.

The Bottom line: Apollo Zenith, with its cutting edge technologies, produces advanced machinery having robust design ensuring long run. These machines are easy to maintain and have very high production rates. The various paver making machines are suitable for different application in order to make sure that most of the demands of the consumers are fulfilled.