Future Trends of Block Making Machines

A Concrete Block is one of the most popular construction materials. This has been an integral part of construction project since ancient Roman used it to construct buildings in 200 BC. It continues to be a major construction material in construction of walls and other types of structures. There have been many advancements in concrete block over the years, including automation and future trends suggest that it will be an important construction material in the future.

Automatic Block Making Machine is increasing the efficiency of making the concrete blocks. This article describes various concrete blocks machines and the future trends of block making machine.

Concrete machines

A concrete block machine is used for the construction of concrete blocks. The construction process includes mixing, molding, curing, and cubing. The process includes the mixing of raw material like sand and gravel, placing molds in a kiln followed by the cubing process.
Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block is a lightweight concrete block that has a very high heat, sound and sound resistance. Their properties include load-bearing, high insulation, light weight, durable and are produced using an AAC Block Making Machine.

Hollow Blocks Making Machine are vital in manufacturing hollow concrete blocks. These are high density blocks which are uniform in size, hollow at the core, very light weight, air pockets for heat insulation, excellent acoustic insulation, economical, rough texture allowing good bonding, weather resistant and fire resistant.

block making machine

Future Trends

There have been several misconceptions about the use of concrete blocks in the past. However, with the increase in the use of concrete blocks and considering the future trends concerning them they no longer exist. There has been a steady evolution of the concrete blocks and the machines. From the AAC Block Making Machines which are light weight and more heat resistant to the semi-automated machines, these machines continue to evolve and the type of concrete blocks continue to improve.

The future trends of these concrete machine include many innovations:

  • The machines are becoming more sophisticated and higher capacity.
  • There are now fully Automatic AAC Block Making Machine and semi-automatic machines with higher production rates.
  • The production capacity of the fully Automatic Block Making Machine is up to 16 blocks per stroke for 4-inch blocks.
  • The Mobile Multilayer Block Making Machine is also another innovative Block machine that is mobile and cost effective.
  • The future trend is a shift toward decorative concrete.
  • Aerated Autoclaved Concrete block (AAC) is a lightweight masonry has good enough structural capacity and is useful for low-rise bearing walls. The weight of elevated slab constructions is reduced to a great extent.
  • One of the new trends is to add optical fibers to the concrete mix to generate translucent concrete. There are growing applications of this concept of non-opaque concrete.
  • The new age concrete, Reactive powder concrete is extremely durable and has compressive strength as high as 30,000 pounds per square inch (PSI).
  • Another type of concrete gaining in popularity is the insulated concrete form (ICF) walls. This is popular both in the residential and commercial markets due to the obvious advantages of energy saving, high durability, sound insulation and healthier environment. Such material also shows high resistance to fire, wind and tornados.

When it comes to construction there are three main alternatives like brick, stone and concrete blocks. There are many advantages of using concrete blocks, including thermal insulation, light weight, low cost amongst others. There is not likely to be a better alternative to concrete blocks in the future. In fact, the future trends suggest greater advancements and improvements in the production of concrete blocks.