How to Maintain a Block Making Machine?

Block Making Machine, such as automatic concrete block making machine, are gaining attention in developed as well as developing countries, for it provides fast, reliable and robust outcomes. Rapidly growing parts of Africa and South-East Asia has a high demand for these machines, especially in the construction market. While being very effective, maintaining Block Making Machines is extremely important. These heavy machines often have to work in worst weather conditions, not forgetting sand, gravel and other micro dust these machines are exposed to. Due to these harsh conditions in which these machines have to work under, it becomes essential to provide special care during maintenance to keep the performance of machines optimum.

A variety of Block Making Machines are available in the market and depending on the variety, maintenance process can slightly differ. In this article, we will try to discuss the most common approach as well as a few special conditions that need attention during maintenance service.

While extensive care is needed, a few simple steps cannot only help prolong its life but also maximize the performance of machinery. Following are tips that need to be considered before actually moving to maintenance:

  • Never neglect abnormalities: In case of any abnormalities detected, the machine should be shut down as soon as possible and the reason for the abnormality should be investigated. A small fault can ultimately lead to break down of the whole system, so the fault should be attended in time.
  • Having trained professionals: An unskilled person performing maintenance and servicing is much worrying than not maintaining the machines at all. A fault neglect or not attended properly can result in a bigger fault in future, hence it should be made sure that every repair and servicing is done by skilled professional only.

Now that we know how to approach maintenance, let’s move to some essential steps which will help maximize the performance and also prolong the life of the machines.

Scheduled Performance Check:

It is important to have a regular performance check for every unit of machinery in block making machine.  During the checkups, it should be made sure that control systems, switches and various other components are functioning properly. In case of detection of any fault, removing the fault must be prioritized.

Before Starting the Machine:

A short performance check is necessary, before starting the block making machine, to make sure everything is working well. Things like lubrication, performance abnormalities, faulty parts, tightening and few other inspections can be performed before putting the machine into work. This will avoid break down of the whole system and abrupt the work in the middle.

Regular Cleaning/Lubrication of Parts:

Block making machines are often exposed to micro dust that can affect movements of various mechanical parts or even clogging the lubrication flow. Microdust and improper lubrication are most common the reasons for the underperformance of the system, in the worst condition, it can even lead to faulty parts and complete system shutdown. A regular cleaning and lubrication of machine can avoid much of the troubles and ultimately prolong the machine’s life.

Maintenance in Winter/Low Temperature:

Considering any heavy machinery, production is not the same in winter and summer, the atmospheric condition makes a huge difference and hence various changes in production are important to be considered. Often in production, water is used in materials and low temperature may cause materials to freeze. To avoid this, usage of antifreeze should be motivated and applying insulation to raw products is also suggested. Lubricants can also be affected in low temperature hence of antifreeze in lubricants is also suggested. Before placing machines to sleep, it is advised to drain all the hydraulic fluids to avoid freezing.