Mobile Multilayer Block Making Machine by Apollo Zenith

The trending technology demands block making machines with mobility which can underpin producers by providing versatile, rapid, accurate production with reduced cost.
One such revolutionary machine is Mobile Multilayer Block Making Machine. This is a cost-effective machine which promotes easy mobility and creates a wide range of solid bricks, paving stone, grass stone, curbstone, decorative block, hollow block, insulation block, concrete cable tray, manhole, pre-fabricated elements, and manymore.
It saves huge investment on the production boards as it cut the huge cost of transitional transferring of the blocks. Its production capacity is also noteworthy.
The article mainly focuses on different mechanisms used in Mobile Multilayer Block Making Machine for easy and controlled operation.

Block Making Machine

Batching and Mixing Control System

  • The batching and the mixing are centrally controlled. Electronic control system adopts Germany Siemens programmable controller PLC and Siemens touch panel control with easy operation and no failure.
  • The raw materials for block making could be sand, rock powder, stone slag, cinder, tail slag, coal gangue, coal and fly ash and construction solid waste. The consumer often chooses batcher according to local raw materials types from two bins to six bins.
  • The different materials are sealed and weighed automatically as per certain ratio which guarantees block quality and reduces cost.
  • Then, the mixture and screened fine sand will be conveyed respectively into the mixer for mixing trough belts by adding quantitative cement, water and chemical additives.
  • After uniform mixing, face materials and aggregates will be respectively delivered into the hopper of a block making machine for storage by the material carrier.

Hydraulic Power

Block Making Machine Manufacturer

  • Hydraulic power consists of two sets of a radial piston pump with max flow and max pressure adopting proportion control technology.
  • The speed and pressure of hydraulic operation are easily adjusted and can be precisely controlled by proportional valves.

Feeding System

  • The feeding system consists of a hopper, guide rail, feed drawer, and lifting device. Its height is driven by hydraulic and the movements of feed drawer could be freely adjusted according to different moulds.
  • The hydraulic-driven mould scraper guarantees the cleanliness of product surface and supports in even distribution of concrete.
  • The adjustable cleaning brush is attached on feed drawer which is used for cleaning the tamper head. The hopper is hydraulic driven and its gate opening width and the opening time is adjustable.

 Vibration System

  • The vibration table is designed in order to have four different production levels.
  • There is a replaceable wear proof plate for protection of upper parts of vibration table. There are two vibrators attached to tamper head to achieve maximum vibration.
  • The vibrator is installed with DC braking device, the vibration force and duration are adjustable. The Dc braking device diminishes the scope of mechanical wear and tear.
  • The upper part of vibration table is two-parted in order to achieve an even power transmission and an optimum compaction of the products.

Multilayer Production System

  • The multilayer production offers great advantages. The wet production cubes can directly send to curing area for curing and packing which save many intermediate transports procedures.

Sand Scattering Device

  • Every single production layer is well-protected and separated by a layer of dry sand or plastic foil.

Four-way forklift clamp

  • It has two independent hydraulic systems to carry products cube by forklift.  The products are packed with plastic foil and send to storage yard for water curing

Menu navigation and Recipe management

  • The Menu navigation and Recipe management supports to set up and down limit of all the parameters of production process, such as time, counter, working path, hydraulic speed and pressure.
  • This optimizes production and prevent production error and operation mistake.
  • It helps to record operation data such as production time, operation time, maintenance and malfunction time as well as troubleshooting function by telecommunication

Quick Mould Change Process

  • The main machine moves in the direction of mould and corrects the steering by putting lubrication oil on the four positioning pins.
  • The guide beams rise to certain height after buckling the bottom of mould, then tamper head descend and lock with the upper mould via hydraulic. Thus, it is convenient for quick mould changing process.


The fully automatic mobile multilayer machine can produce a wide range of blocks and pavers which is apt for a great extent of application.
It has unique advantages, high efficient production and low maintenance. The machine is widely applauded due to its optimum quality control, easy control system, and security protection.

Why Choose Us?

Apollo Zenith is the joint venture of Apollo Inffratech. The alliance offers an integrated solution of Block and Paver by providing varied block making machine, paver making machine with high range capacity.
The joint venture came into existence to provide high quality and cost-effective concrete products solutions to the clients across the globe.