Various Types of Block Making Machine

Blocks are used in construction and act as a primary unit in the building of a structure. A CMU or Concrete masonry unit is a standard size, rectangular block which is used in construction. The CMUs are available in various appearances and hence are considered as the most versatile building products available. The blocks made from fly ash are known as cinder blocks in the United States since fly ash is called cinder. They are also known as- breeze blocks in the United Kingdom, hollow blocks in the Philippines, and concrete blocks in New Zealand & Canada.

The blocks are manufactured with the help of block machine. The machines, with the help of advanced technology, build good quality block which has good strength and durability.

block making machine

Types of Block Making Machine
·    Concrete Block Machine: It is an automatic block machine operated hydraulically on wheels. It is an egg laying type machine as the process of laying down a block & moving forward on the floor resembles that of falling down of an egg. The machine has the capability to produce any type of concrete block with the help of concrete molds and the setting ram in the machine.

·    Solid Block Making Machine: The solid block making machine is used to manufacture concrete solid block. The machine operation again resembles that of falling off an egg and is hydraulically operated. The blocks produced by this machine are of superior quality.

·    Paver Block Making Machine: The paver block machine produces paver blocks and designer tiles of superlative quality. The color pigments are poured into the molds during the production and are solidified in vibrating tables.

·    Concrete Hollow Block Making Machine: The concrete hollow block making machine is a hydraulic operated machine with its process of laying a block on the floor matching that of an egg falling. It lays a block on the concrete floor and then moves forward for laying down the next block. The hollow block making machine is competent to incorporate different concrete mold in order to produce a variety of products.

·    Movable Concrete Block machine: The movable concrete block machine is a mass production machine and is tweaked with the latest technology. The raw materials for the machine are automatically fed. The machine is hydraulically operated and moves forward to continue its operation after laying down the blocks.

·    Hydraulic Solid Block Making Machine: Hydraulic solid block making machine, as the name suggests, is a hydraulic operated machine. It produces a solid block and after laying down the block, moves forward.



Selection of Block Making Machine
The block making machine is used extensively for construction applications. Hence, in order to ensure that the entire operation is carried out effectively, it must be ensured that the machine fulfills some checkpoints. The block making machine selected must be easy to maintain. It should also consume less power so that it can be operated for longer durations. The machine must not damage the platform on which it is kept and should also be user-friendly. The most important factor of the machine which must be ensured all the time is the production of the block. The machine must produce high-grade blocks and of different sizes which will help in carrying out the entire operation effectively.